Revoltech Toy Story

I’m not a big fans of Toy Story but I do like Toy Story cartoon. Toy Story 3 is going to release in this year June. Seriously I can’t wait for it after 10 years for the Toy Story 2. I like most of the characters in Toy Story, such as the coin bank pig, long and loose doggie, the green soldiers and many more. OMG all is cute and nice.

Revoltech is going to release Toy Story, Woody and Buzz Lightyear as in the picture in August. Hmmm quite a nice one too. I wonder will they release others character or not even those are not that famous but is nice to have it all in a section. Let’s see when the item reach, then I will decide of getting it or not.

By the way, do check out Toy Story 3 trailer, it ROX!!!!

Well this is another cannot be missed movie in this year Summer.

Picture taken from cybergundam

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