Final Fantasy XIII is here

The wait is finally over. An opening screen what I waited for 4 years of wait for this game, Final Fantasy XIII. As most of you already know that I just bought the FFXIII since I posted the picture of the game in my Twitter and Facebook.

Yesterday I rushed to PlayTime at Bangsar Shopping Center after work in order to get the game. Luckily still got stock for me, as I heard it just left around 10 pcs when I get mine.

So this is my first original Final Fantasy game and here is my FFXIII OST LE and the game.

If you’re a gamer, I don’t think that you don’t know what is Final Fantasy. The game is across the global and everyone know about Final Fantasy is one of the best RPG and a game with realistic CG scene.

I get to know Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy VII, one of the most remarkable and successful game for SquareSoft now known as SquareEnix. FF7 get the attention from worldwide with a stunning 3D graphic in PlayStation, great in-game story and I think one of the reason is because of one of the playable character, Aerith died in the mid of the game. Hardly see this in a game and I think because of this, it makes those who played the game have a memorable memory. Seriously I’m also one of it. It really sad due to a very good story for Aerith in the game.

Some history of Final Fantasy, this game is really important to SquareSoft as because of this game the company able to survive from bankruptcy. SquareSoft suffered from bankruptcy in 1987, therefore they decided to create their last game, Final Fantasy before bankrupt. Now you know why it named as Final. Surprisingly the game sells well in Japan and it able to save SquareSoft from bankruptcy.

  1. This is a great game to play.

    • But this FFXIII doesn’t give me a RPG game feel. The battle system really a big dissapointment for me.

  1. May 29th, 2010

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