Jason aka smashpOp Birthday

(Pic taken from Rames blog)

Yesterday the Siao Gang and Jason Colleagues celebrate Jason aka smashpOp Birthday at Fullhouse, KL. So as usual we have a theme for our dinner and it is Purple or Pink night. So you will see everyone of us wearing in purple and pink. As I don’t have purple therefore I’m wearing pink…. luckily I have few pink tee and shirt.

This is the first time I go to Fullhouse. The main branch located at Ara Damansara and this is the second branch located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL. I like the decoration of the restaurant, maybe because due to white. I realized lof of people dress quite nice and I think of the reason is to have a picture session in the restaurant. So you will see a lot of people posing and taking pictures.

I ordered myself a oven baked chicken.

(Pic taken by Nokia N97)

Nothing to shout about as the foods is just fine. If I not mistaken this oven baked chicken just RM 18.90, a breast chicken topped with tomato sauce, few pieces of mushroom, vege and mashed potatos.

After we finished our dinner then is time for us to take picture. Here is our group picture.

(Pic taken from tallboyz)

Hey guys…. thanks for the picture. 😀

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