Energizer Night Race 2010

Previously I posted that I will joining the Energizer Night Race 2010, yesterday night was the race night. I joined the 10km run as I think that is my limit already. This is my 3rd run. I joined with Jed and Jenifer, and I met Bryan (my secondary school friend), also Jason that running for the 21km. Respect!… So semangat.

(Pic taken by Jenifer aka jennihsurf)

The Energizer Night Race 2010 took place at Cyberjaya. This event is the Malaysia 1st Night Marathon with headlight.

This is the headlight that we need to on and wear in on our forehead during the run. A pretty cool headlight.

Before it start, everyone need to on the light and prepare to run. This time I used 1 hour 15 mins to finish the run. Improved a lot from my previous run that took me 1 hour 35 mins. That was the Standard Chartered KL Marathon and was my first 10km marathon. Proud of myself and able to improve own record. Next time must finish less than 1 hour. That is my target for next 10km run.

Get the finisher medal and certification for completed the 10 km run. Well I pretty enjoyed the night run compare to last month Putrajaya Night Run. The water is enough and I able to get water in each of the station. Enjoy it a lot. But also have some complaing regarding the shuttle bus service, problem with the finishing line, lack of route direction but overall this is a good run.

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