Drammatica – The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura

Original Soundtrack in short OST is the thing that I’m looking for after a great movie or game. I like OST a lot as by listening to the music it able to flash back the memorable scene in the movie and also the story. I’m a fans of game music especially Final Fantasy, other than that I also like music from Kingdom Hearts, Xenosaga, Metal Gear Solid, Onimusha and lot more. Music is really one of the key not only in game but also in movie. It able to bring out the meaning behind of the scene and you can feel it too. Happy or sad the music will makes the different in the scene, and it able to make you feel it.

For game OST, when you listen to the ending theme song, while listening do think of how tough is the game, how hard you fight with the last boss, your feeling once you finish the game then you can feel it again and also feel great as you finish the game. That is what I always feel when I’m listening to game OST.

Today I would like to recommend you a great game OST collection from few games which is Kingdom Hearts, a very well known game where is a collaboration of SquareEnix with Disney, follow by Mana Series and Front Mission.

The CD that I’m talking about is Drammatica -The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura and of course it is composed by Yoko Shimomura. I’m not that familiar with her work but one of the best is the Kingdom Hearts. Love the music she compose for Kingdom Hearts. This CD can get from PlayAsia but bear in mind the CD is not cheap due to it is a Japan version.

Check out the video for the song that I like the most from the CD after the jump.

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