My Be@rbrick Story

Finally I would like to share out my personal Be@rbrick story. Everything is start from zero same goes to my Be@rbrick collection. I started my Be@rbrick collection in end of 2004. My very first Be@rbrick is the Be@rbrick Series 9 – Pattern.

I bought this Be@rbrick at Singapore. That time I wasn’t know the details of Be@rbrick. So I just bought this for fun and I actually like this a lot. Actually I get to know Be@rbrick quite some time ago in magazine. Then once I back to Malaysia, I started to find out more about Be@rbrick. Found out a local forum that there is a thread about Be@rbrick, but now already close down. Since then I’m following the new of Be@rbrick and try to find out in order to get form local shop. Thanks to my friend U Gene that intro me the seller.

Time flies, I started from Be@rbrick Series 9 and now already reach Series 19. Medicom Toy will release 2 Series Be@rbrick in a year. At that time I think not much Be@rbrick are sell at here, only until Action City is opened then collector can get the Be@rbrick easily with affordable price. As time goes by I get to know more collectors and it really fun when the Series Be@rbrick release. The best part is when open the box as you won’t know what is in the box until you open it. The feeling and excitement is really great.

This is my collection from 2004 until now. I’m not a hardcore collector as I just collect the Series Be@rbrick and also some of the festive season Be@rbrick and of course some 400% and those are the one that I really like the design and wish to have one.

I just need one 1000% (70cm) Be@rbrick so I will have all the size of Be@rbrick Currently I just have 50% (4cm), 70% (5cm), 100% (7cm), 200% (14.5cm), and 400% (28cm). Then I can display it again, the size of Be@rbrick. Really need to save up for it.

Series by series and I really don’t notice I already collect this for 5 years until some collector ask me when I start collect Be@rbrick.

I’m sure there will be a question as why I like Be@rbrick so much? Actually is hard to describe when you like something, the feeling is only you yourself know it. Anywhere one of the reason I like Be@rbrick a lot is because I like to see different kind of design in a Be@rbrick mold. I appreciate and enjoy the art in Be@rbrick. Seriously sometime when I look at my Be@rbrick in my display cabinet, it able to makes me smile as by looking as something that you like just like when you look at your boyfriend or girlfriend. I won’t stop collecting Be@rbrick and think nothing can stop me for collecting it. I probably will stop the others size of Be@rbrick and those special edition Be@rbrick but I don’t think I will stop the Series Be@rbrick. I’m wondering how many Series will it release, until when I’m full of white hair, then I will be one of the loyal collector 😀

Check out my Be@rbrick blog at I will share out the latest news that I know about Be@rbrick in the blog.

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