SoundMAGIC PL30 In-Earphone

My existing Sony Earphone (MDR-EX082) is spoilt as the left side don’t have sound. Probably it gets water or my sweat as I’m wearing it in my marathon.  I like my earphone a lot as it able to perform clear sound quality, too bad as this model is obsolete. Initially I planned to get back a Sony earphone but I unable to decide which model I should get due to I didn’t test it and my budget is within RM 150.

Personally I’m not a heavy bass listener eventhough I do listen to trance music. I prefer a clear sound quality with minimal bass. Most of the music that I prefer to listen are those orchestra and movie/game soundtrack, therefore a clear sound is my priority.

Today I browse through Low Yat Forum, a great place for me to get stuffs as I lazy go around to find. Found this SoundMagic, the price is reasonable as within my budget. Then I readup some of the review and seem not bad. Just within 4 hours, I get the Sound Magic PL30 that cost me RM 100. Luckily the seller is stay nearby my house therefore I can deal it within few hours time. I did test out the other model, Sound Magic PL50 and Sound Magic PL21 but due to one is too expensive and the other one the bass is too heavy therefore I decided to get this model, PL30.

Seriously once I try it out with some of my favourite music, this is the earphone that I want to get. Clear sound, bass is not too heavy, the sound quality is well balance. As I heard for those new earphone, you need to burn it which mean keep listen with different kind of music in order to make the earphone perform well. This usually takes around 40 hours. But now I already satisfy with the quality. Hope later after it finish burn, the quality will better.

For such price, this Sound Magic PL-30 is worth it. Don’t compare with those expensive and high quality earphone, even I myself also never experience it before. But now I feel this earphone really satisfy me. What you pay, what you get. If you’re interest you can check it out at here. The seller is patient and nice guy too as he let me test out the earphone.

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