[KR] The Classic

A movie that recently I just rewatched. The Classic, a Korean movie. Well this is the first Korean movie that I watched at that time. I still remember that I download this movie to watch is due to I don’t have any movie to watch therefore I just randomly pick one. Because of that, I start following movie that act by the actress, Son Ye-Jin.

Let’s have a summary about this movie. If you haven’t watch then is fine as I won’t tell the details of the movie. This movie was released in early 2003. At that time, as I can remember this is my first Korean movie that I watched. It was a random pick movie, maybe the girl in the poster that attracted me but this is really a good movie. This movie is about a parallel love story of a mother and daughter that acted by Son Ye-Jin. The mother love story is shown in flashback scene when her daughter read the diary.

A good love story movie, happy and sad love relationship that in the end both of them unable to be husband and wife. Due to some problems therefore one side decided to give up the relationship. The reason is because they just don’t want to make thing become worst. A give up is a solution and actually both side also sad for that decision. I felt the story is good maybe I’m also this kind of person, if you love someone is doesn’t mean must together. As long as your love one able to find happiness, then is good enough and if you unable to do it. So in this movie is tells the same too. Always believe in fate.

If you want to watch this movie, I can lead you the way.

Well since after this movie, I always catch up with Son Ye-Jin movies. I watched most of her movie. She always get a sad character in the movie. You also may check out some of her great movie such as A Moment to Remember, April Snow, Art of Seduction, Open City. I’m waiting for her new movie, White Night. Talented girl, she is a model to actress and because of that, she get award for it in South Korea. Well she is not very pretty as just look ordinary, but simple is nice.

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