This is it, iPhone 4G?

On weekend the next iPhone picture is leaked out. A lot of rumor claimed that is not real. Then followed by a rumor said that it is a Japanese phone to counter iPhone. But this morning another evidence claimed by Engadget as they refer back to the iPad leaked picture, there found the iPhone as in picture is in the iPad leaked picture. With all the rumors and now Gizmodo claimed this phone is the next iPhone. The picture as above is the phone where the found it with a camouflage case. It actually looks like iPhone 3GS if you don’t notice there is a front camera.

This is it, next iPhone?

Side by side with iPhone 3GS

Well do you like it? This is really hard to be fake. But still, it not yet official no one know what will happen. This phone is just like a finished phone. So what new in the this phone that claimed as next iPhone.

  • Front Camera for video chat.
  • Improved back camera due to large lens compare to iPhone 3GS.
  • Camera flash.
  • Micro SIM (Just like iPad)
  • Improved display. (Unconfirm)
  • Split button for volume.
  • Power, mute, and volume buttons in metallic.

Check out more details and also video for this leaked next iPhone at Gizmodo.

This is real or not, we shall know it soon.

* All pictures and information taken from Gizmodo.

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