coarsetoys jaws loser keychain

Finally is here. Remember I posted the coarsetoys latest collection. I ordered the keychain and today I received it. Well so do I get the rare blush version? The answer is YES!. I get the blush version that is the rare one. This keychain is limited to 500 pcs and the blush version only have 100 pcs. It is based on random and your luck. I get 1 out of 4 that I ordered. As I’m sharing with my colleagues, each of us order 2 pcs. Therefore my chance to getting it is 50 out of 100. Well I hope I can get it.

I will post the picture of the keychain once I opened it. Wish me luck for the blush version.

  1. goodluck hahah

    • Lose already….
      Tonight will take both pic. But the blush version not belongs to me.

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