Echoes of the Rainbow

Today I went to watch Echoes of the Rainbow. This was recommended by Sabrina, well I’m glad for the recommend as this movie is really good. Simon Yam get Best Actor for the 29th HK Film Awards, and the guy that lookalike Wang Lee-Hom, Aarif Lee get Best Newcomer. I watched At the End of Daybreak that Wai Ying Hong get Best Actress too. So this time I watch both movie that grab the Best Actor and Actress and also Best Newcomer.

This movie is all about the poor family that trying their best for their children. Well this movie is very touching, in the first hour the movie story still is still fine with the story telling about their life. Then follow by sad story plotting that able makes your tear drop from the middle till end. Their parent put their hope to the children by sending him to the best school eventhough having problem for the school expenses. Their hope fade away after their son suffer from disease. Because of this, the family have more and more problem especially in term of money and also worry.

This movie is dedicated to the Hong Kong people, as it showed a lot of hard time they having in term of economy, natural disaster such as typhoon. I didn’t know that they are have installment plan to buy mooncake due to they can’t afford for it. I also didn’t know their hospital also a very money minded place, no money no service. Bascially if you don’t have money then you’ll die soon.

I appreciate a lot of great scene in the movie. It doesn’t need any music or word, the expression tells it all. Seriously when you watch it, you will know what I mean. You will touch by the expression in the scene.

I was quite dissapointed that Sandra Ng unable to get the Best Actress. Seriously her acting in this movie is really damn good. Her expression throughout the movie, really have to give two thumb up. While for Simon Yam, his role as a father is good too. Trying his best to give the best to the children. Able to feel his good acting in the movie. He is really deserve for the award. Others than both great actor and actress, the guy Aarif Lee and the kid, also did it great in the movie.

But I don’t really get the meaning behind of movie. Time is not enough? Do what you want to do? Anyone can cherish with some taught of this movie? All I know is just sad and touching.

Another great movie that I watched. Hope to see more this kind of movie.

Thumb Up!

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