The ‘MAN’ week

This week is a movie week whereby two great movie release in the same day, Ironman 2 and Ip Man 2. So is the ‘MAN’ week. I watched Ironman 2 on Thursday at the new TGV at Wangsa Walk Mall. Well the cinema is damn nice as it is new. The seat is very comfortable and the service is good too.

Ironman 2, well I think a lot of people is waiting for this movie after the well done in previous Ironman. So as usual I won’t really expect it will be great in the sequel. In fact I didn’t put this movie in priority of watching as I plan to watch Ip Man 2 first. Overall for me this sequel is sort of like money earning movie. The story is boring, the action is nothing to talk about. Personally I don’t really like this. The first is much better.

Ip Man was one of the best Kung Fu movie that I watched and now Ip Man 2, is the best sequel Kung Fu movie too. Watched this yesterday, this movie is great. This time not much story telling and it replace with more action. ‘Talk to hand’. In this movie you also will know how to respect each other, is not about winning. Great movie. Their kung fu really damn good especially with Sammo Hung. This is a must watch movie.

  1. I love the movie ip man too… Haha!!! There is lesson to be learnt in this movie which is respect… Yup, u are right!

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