A Nightmare on Elm Street

Well I seldom watch horror movie in cinema cause what… I’m scare. I admit that haha. Pay money for a movie to scare myself and strees while watching it… isn’t it suppose to be relax in the cinema :D. Anywhere I just back from the premiere screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street after force (well since is free why not…) by Rames (thanks for the ticket), Jen, Grace and also met Jason at the cinema. Seriously I have no idea about this movie but I only know the character in this movie, Freddy Krueger, the guy that wearing a hat with red and black stripe t-shirt and also the hand with some sharp knife armor.

Overall this movie is quite interesting, the beginning is quite good but then it follows up with some expected story line. I like the effect in the movie. Pretty well done. Well as usual I won’t have any spoiler for this movie. Personally I rate this movie at 7 out of 10. I seldom watch horror movie but this is quite interesting.

I hope I don’t have such nightmare……………..

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