Busy Week

This week I was quite busy with my work, therefore I won’t get out of my office when they sky is clear. So once I came out from carpark, the sky is dark and this few days when it is raining at night. It is nice to rain as due to our current weather is damn hot, therefore it able to make me feel better especially at night. But the bad to have rain at this time due to people are preparing to go home and they have to face a massive jam ahead.

Well obviously no one like traffic jam, but I’m fine with it for this few days. This few days I drive home with the dark and rain drop from the sky. So as expected the roads will full of cars. Well I decided to not tune in to 988FM as I used to while driving home. I played some of my favourite CD, Final Fantasy Piano Collection. I love Final Fantasy Music… everyone know that. A cold weather with some relaxing music surrounding my ears, therefore traffic jam I really wouldn’t bother about. Enjoy the piano sound, really wish I know how to play piano as I enjoy it.

Feel relax, don’t want to think about work, life and just anything. Is not easy to drop something when you already used to it.  Just enjoy the music is the best way for me to relax.

Maybe I really need to relax after this. Looking forward for my trip to Cambodia on next month. I think it really come on time. I need a break.

  1. It’s always nice to relax without thinking much about work and life ^_^

    • Yup, sometime I just off the radio and not playing any CD to relax while driving. Forget about everything.

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