‘Why’ by Ayaka, theme song for Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII the prequel of Final Fantasy VII. Out of sudden I’m wanted to listen this song, so I just go to my iTunes and look for this song. Then I also want to blog to share about this song. Song entitled ‘Why’, I think song title really match with the game very much. Why must end in such way, Why must he die, Why he can’t survive, Why such a sad ending (Which I like). If you played the game, I think you might feel the same. Seriously when I watched the ending of the game with this song, really feel sad.

Check out the Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII ending at here. Then you will know why I said that. A very good prequel game, good story, good explaination and it able to link the story with Final Fantasy VII very well. WHY it is so good….. 😀


Check out the meaningful lyrics that translated to english.

Your inner eye has clouded over so much that it’s impossible for you to see.
Does any emotion still reside within the depths of your heart?

Having the entire world at your fingertips,
Is that what you consider happiness?

Why? Why do look up into the lonely heavens?
Why? Can’t you laugh a little?*
I understand this character of yours –
This disposition that is incapable of putting anything into words.

What was it that came to be in your sequestered past?
These eyes of yours, they refuse to meet the world.**

All alone with only the lonely night to cradle you,
Is this the warmth that you have come to know?

Why? Why are you so concerned with the way you look?
Why? Can you not open up your heart a little?
You’ve been taxed by this heavy burden for so long,
It’s time that you learn to accept yourself.
Have more faith in yourself…

It is those who are free that are stumbling…
It is those who are free that are insecure…

Why? Why do you look up at the lonely sky?
Why? Can you not laugh, even slightly?
I can appreciate
This reticent character of yours.
You only have to try to believe…


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