Be@rbrick Series 20

Finally the picture of Be@rbrick Series 20 is here. Back to 3 months ago when I get to know that this Series will be damn cool, I really can’t wait to see the design. Now this is it. When I saw this picture, I was shock with the Basic and Jellybean design. Basic is back to white. This design is the first ever Be@rbrick released design. Then Jellybean, a combination of 7 color to form 1 Be@rbrick. Seriously I damn like this 2 design. I like simple design.

While others, just as I expected. I think Pattern is designed by SSUR since it is listed in the license. I’m quite dissapointed with the Toy Story 3 Be@rbrick is Lot-o Huggin Bear. It would be great if they released T-Rex. Hmm maybe is Secret.

Well I’m waiting for this to reach here on next month. Love the moment when I open the 24 boxes. Best!

Pictures taken from iam-cybergundam

  1. May 22nd, 2010

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