Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy, one of the greatest RPG game in the world. I bought Final Fantasy XIII on the first day it release at local shop. I’m a fans of Final Fantasy not only the game but also the music.

Today I spent my whole daytime and finally I finished the game. Basically I just beat the game but I didn’t really finish the side quest. In fact I think not much side quest I can explore too. Total hours for me to complete this game is less than 50 hours.

So here are my personal comments of the game. Well I’m quite dissapointed with the game due to it is not the Final Fantasy game that it used to be. This is not a RPG game, is more like adventure game. One of the reason is the battle system. It pretty flat and not much you can do with it. All you need just level up to get the power. Each character have their own level board that is fixed in the beginning, but you can expand more to make the character more powerful.

The battle system come with a Paradigm Shift system whereby you just need to switch between attacker, magician, healer, support and another one I not sure what it should be called, sort of like casting magic to enemy. So you just need to keep on attack, until your HP is run out then change to 1 character to healer to heal your team. That’s all. That is the battle system and it will last till end of the game. The AI for the battle system, you can’t change it. So it is pretty flat. All you need just use the auto battle, keep press it then is more than enough. I think they think to have a fast battle system so to make it more fun to play and not the one by one turn based. But I think fans would like to have that.

Another bad is only 1 character is allowed under your command. So if you’re a lazy person like me, that don’t like to keep changing you will use the same character till end. I changed to others character just to see how is the summon look like when it cast. Yeah those summon is really useless in the game. Personally I think the exist of summon in the game is just to checked the compulsory list for Final Fantasy game. If no summon then is not Final Fantasy.

The story is not really good too. I’m quite blur with the characters, and those enemy. All I know is they need to fight in order to save the world. For me Lightning is not the main character, Vanille is the one. This is her story. But overall the story still fine as in the end it is quite touching. I think no any story can beat Final Fantasy VII. The best ever RPG storyline.

So that is all the bad of the game. The good one, seriously the graphic is damn stunning. It is the best graphic in PS3, and I would say the best graphic for RPG game. SquareEnix did it again as usual. The best graphic game. The in-game graphic is damn good therefore there is no reason the CG will be bad. It is very details in every scene.

The game don’t have much side quests eventhough it have a huge map, no aeroplane to ride but only have warp, luckily got chocobo, the summon I just see once for others character as no chance to use it. Can’t control the others 2 characters during battle, just let the AI do it. Anywhere this is still a great game, to develop a game such as Final Fantasy is not easy. It really need a lot of resources and ideas to make the game great. I do hope they would more concerntrate in the story and battle system rather than graphic in upcoming game. Now just hope they get what fans want and develop a great game. Looking forward for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Hope it will be another great game from Square Enix.

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