May 10

Today is the end of May 10. Well suddenly I feel like writing a post in every end of the month as to end it. So this will be my first one. Fifth month of year 2010 is ended just like every month. Time really flies, day by day just like hour by hour. Everyday doing the same thing, work, eat, stuck in jam, sleep…..

Life is just like a loop program. Once you in the loop, it will keep on repeat. It only will change once you try to stop it. But how to stop it? Attempt to have a different kind of loop program but seem like the loop program is not ready to run. Well therefore it might need more time to create another good program. But I will enhance the program instead of create a new one. It is not easy to create a new program when you already familiar with it. A never run program, you never know the result. Glad to know it and always wish the best result even it is not able to run.

Well every month will have Medicom Toy news for Be@rbrick, this month is really I waited since early of the year when I was told it will be cool. Yes it is. Best ever series is coming soon next month. Well wish me good luck. Do remember to check out my Be@rbrick blog, ToyBeast.

The end of May 10.

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