Jogging & Bad Sunday morning

Is Sunday morning and I went for jogging. Sacrifice my weekend sleep for jogging due to I joined 2 10km marathon run in July therefore now have to start training. Need to get back some stamina for the upcoming marathon. Well hope able to run faster than 1 hour and 10 mins for 10km run.

After jogging it turn out a bad Sunday morning for me as when I back to my car, I realized the car is not locked which I did. Then I put my shoes to behind and I noticed rear mirror is broken. Fxxx……Damn it.

This is because inside the rear passenger seat have a pants, so the thief taught it might have wallet. So stupid….. I damn wish when he try to open the door from the broken mirror and get some cut but too bad as I didn’t see any bloodstain. I left my IC and license together with RM 20 in the car and luckily it is not taken. If not then it will be troublesome. So I’m still consider lucky. Not that bad.

So next time won’t park at there. Curse the thief…..

    • Jo
    • June 6th, 2010

    consider it as “buang suay” …let the thief took all the bad lucks away :p

    • Haha my bad. Left a pant inside the car. Make the thief very tempting to check it out. Lols..

  1. June 16th, 2010
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