Be@rbrick Series 20

Medicom Toy Exhibition 10 is started since yesterday at Japan. Wish I’m there. As usual during the event, Be@rbrick Series will go on sale. So a lot of Be@rbrick Series 20 secret is spotted. Check out some cool one from ToyBeast. Total of 9 secret Be@rbrick is spotted as of now. Maybe there are more which I not sure also. Hope another surprise from Medicom Toy.

This time Be@rbrick got something new for the Basic. It have a new function for it. Now it able to walk.

But how it actually walk… still unknown. All I need is to wait the local release then I can play with it. Hope to get good news from Action City Malaysia soon for the release.

I also get to know for the upcoming Be@rbrick that going to release. I saw the long list…. I was like OMG!!!! That is a lot. Hope to see the design as soon as possible.

This is one of my wishlist for Series 20 secret. The 20th Release as behind it written that. Hope I’m lucky to have this.

And seriously, this is my most wanted secret for Be@rbrick Series 20. I just like simply design. 2 color tone is more than enough.

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