June 10

June 10 reached the end. Is a great month as last week I went for holiday. This month I blog quite little due to I was busy with my work and also busy with World Cup. World Cup 2010 started this month therefore will spend most of the night time watching the World Cup, just once in 4 years so is fine. Is a great World Cup as a lot of impossible become possible. The sad one is, Italy is out in the group match. Former champion now become a big loser in this year World Cup.

Another good news in June is the upcoming iPhone 4 is finally announced. Already saw the design as it leaked out but not it if official. It already released at US, and currently got problem with the service interruption due to the position of holding the phone. Hope they can fix this before Malaysia launch. I’m waiting for it.

This month I watch a long awaited movie, Toy Story 3. It is 10 years since the previous movie. Seriously this sequel didn’t disappoint me at all. Is a damn nice movie. Toy Story is just too great.

Lastly, I end my June with a great holiday at Cambodia with SIao Gang. I still not yet post up a blog post due to I’m still busy at night with World Cup and I’m addicted with a game called God Finger.

So bye bye June 10, the first half of 2010 is just ended. Now here is it, second half of 2010, July.

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