A visit to Cambodia

Last week I went to Siem Riep, Cambodia for holiday with Jed, Jacklyn, Jenifer, Junn, Rames a.k.a Siao Gang. We went for a 4D3N trip but actually it just 3 day as our departure flight from Cambodia is at 7AM, and that is the only flight back.

Cambodia, as I know is a third world country and my perception of the country is poor lifestyle, don’t have any high building and also ‘kampung’ lifestyle.

First of all, we stayed at Molly Malones Guesthouse, a pretty nice place to stay as it located at the Pub Street, the happening place at Siem Riep. Right after we check-in for our accomodation, we start our Angkot Wat journey. Get out Angkot Wat passes that cost us $40 for 3 days.

Temple visiting….

Throughout the temple visiting is just walk and walk. Most of the temple kinda same too. When we finished visit the temple, we will encounter some children selling souvenir. They will keep repeating ‘1 dollar’ for the things they sell. They even can speak in Mandarin for it. So this will be all the same in every famous temple. Poor children.

Then we went to Tonle Sap Lake, the largest lake in South East Asia. It is $16 for around 1 and half hour boat trip. So we travel with the boat to see the floating village. The lake water is just like our ‘Teh Tarik’ color, all I can see is mud water.

See those kids swimming….

During our trip, you will encounter some boat that sell drinks and even ask for donation. Seriously when you see it, you will feel pity to them too and if you’re surrounded with more than 1 boat, once you pay 1, others will swarm at you.

The next day we continue our temple visiting and this time we went to the main attraction, Angkot Wat. Is a pretty huge temple, therefore we spent near to half day at the temple. We also have a tour guide that we pay for $25 per day. He will tell us the story in behind of the temple and also the history.

So our second day is all about temple. Guess what, we went to eat something great too….. Well it actually quite sucks to me. I eat cricket.

On the last day, visit some temple again and then we went to the Kraft, Artisan Angkor. Pretty nice and if you afford and appreciate those art, it is quite nice too.

We also went for a buffet dinner and also Apsara Dance, the Cambodia cultural dance.

Cambodia trip was great as get to know about the country, their culture, how is their lifestyle. Well is a poor country as a lot of children already used to it by saying ‘1 Dollar’. The word is like stick to their mouth when they see tourist. Those temples are nice and a lot if under renovation as to save the temple therefore most of the temple is not original as it is. The peoples at there are quite friendly too, maybe they know we are tourist and they wish we buy things from them.

Is a nice trip and for those that never been to Cambodia, should go for a holiday. Is a holiday for you, is a gift to them.

More pictures posted in my Facebook.

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