Is not a dream, Is Inception

Christopher Nolan a well known director for Batman Begins and Dark Knight. But before this movie, I get to know Christopher Nolan from the movie, The Prestige. I just watched his latest movie, Inception.

I didn’t watch any trailer or summary for this movie. I just saw less a less than 5 sec scene of the trailer in the TV and I saw a great CG movie. Then I get to know before the movie while I having dinner, this movie is related to dream.

I know Christopher Nolan movie is full of twist and turn, a movie that need you to think and it will be confuse too. So no exception for this, this one is even better than The Prestige. Need to concentrate and think where are you now. This is not a dream.

I like this kind of movie and especially the ending, it just make it great. Seriously I really recommend people to watch this movie. This is not an ordinary movie, not always got such of this kind of movie. So better don’t miss this. Personally I rate this movie, 9/10. So I will watch any movie from Christopher Nolan for sure.

    • cheryl
    • July 21st, 2010

    why is the “totems” keep on spinning at the end of the movie when he met his kids at the end har? till now i m still thinking of the answer 😛

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