Jul 10

Here come my end of month post. Fiu…. July 2010. During in June, I checked the calendar and foresee July 2010 is a long month but now it reached the end. Don’t you think sometime we think too much of our future? It is simple when it comes. Don’t make it complex. Time flies and flies…. time really can make people to forget something while they really want to remember it.

July is another great month for me as my collection got new member. Be@rbrick Series 20 finally released. Now I realized my cabinet really not enough space to accommodate them. I need to find a solution for this instead of getting a new cabinet. Haha don’t ask me why not just stop collect it. The answer will be NO.

I watched a damn great movie, Inception. Seriously this is really a damn damn good movie. Director Christopher Nolan just did it again. Hope to see more such movie.

To end the month of July, I just finished my 12.3km night run at Putrajaya. This is my first run that more than 10km. No regular training and jogging, this is a real tough run. I think I run 2.3km and walk 10km. Finished the run with 1 hour and 50 mins. Think I should retired from running……

Well that all for my Jul 10. Next month, it will be a GREAT month. I just love it, 8.

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