A bad day, car broke down

I taught my birthday month everything should be go smoothly. This morning my car suddenly no respond when I want to accelerate. I was stop at the traffic light and then want to accelerate, no respond from the car. Luckily I still can drive to the side if not I’ll create a jam while everyone going to work.

Basically I have no idea what happened to the car. As when I try to start the car, it got no respond when I accelerate and then it will off the engine itself. So now wait them to check my car. Luckily my car warranty still got 10 days left, if not I think will cost another bomb for me is something related to the electronic is not working.

I’m not that bad luck too as car warranty still got 10 days left. 😀

Back from Service Center. My car broke down is due to the fuel pump indicator is spoil. Therefore the car show the wrong petrol level. My car petrol already finished therefore unable to run the car. I always monitor the mileage but that day I pump petrol while my car still got a lot of petrol, therefore I wrongly estimate it. In fact I also realized quite weird due to my car can run so far. So this can happen to. Take note for this.

At first I was thinking, need to tow car then sure need to pay for it but then I saw my bill, it is FOC and my parts is under warranty so no need pay. Which mean I no need to pay, all covered by the warranty. I didn’t ask why since no need pay so just leave it.

  1. how come broke down but still can drive to side wan?

    • Haha the road was going downhill therefore I can move to side. Lucky also.

    • Chi Hui
    • August 16th, 2010

    Just to add that nowadays car insurance cover tow car. So don need to pay towing even after warranty. Maybe you want to check with your car insurance provider, often it is a no cost feature.

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