Be@rbrick Updates

The Be@rbrick hype is still going on as Medicom Toy just announced the license for Be@rbrick Series 21, it is earlier than I expected. This is the list of Be@rbrick that we will see in upcoming series that going to release in Dec 2010. Well for me, this Series just look normal to me based on the license. Hope to see some cool design.

In this updates some of the cool Be@rbrick also get official, Be@rbrick UNKLE that really get my attention this time. It will release in 100% and 400%. Another one is the My First Be@rbrick B@BY (Black & Silver ver.) 1000%. How nice if this my first 1000%. It is limited to 350 pcs at Japan only. Wondering worldwide is how many pieces limited.

See am I lucky enough to get the UNKLE or not, hope it won’t sold out when it release. But I’m sure don’t have the chance for the My First Be@rbrick B@BY (Black & Silver ver.) 1000%

More pictures after the jump.

Seriously this Be@rbrick UNKLE really look cool.

The all time favourite and one of the most wanted Be@rbrick.

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