Birthday dinner with Siao Gang

Yes is my birthday. Celebrate my birthday as usual with Siao Gang. This year birthday dinner I picked a cafe at Bangsar called Cafe Barbera. Well the environment is not bad. It is a bungalow turn to restaurant. It look like double storey but actually it just single.

Cafe Barbera is famous with their coffee since 1870 and is a franchise from Italy. Well I’m not a expert in coffee but for me it just fine for me for the coffee. Food wise also normal and nothing to shout about. Is a good place for coffee session with 2 or 3 friends.

This is the restaurant. It really look nice at night.

Part of the interior for you to enjoy the coffee.

My birthday meal.

One of the best shot for my birthday dinner taken by smashpOp. More pictures of dinner in his blog.

The group picture that cannot be missed. Thanks to Rames for the picture. Again more in his blog.

Lastly thanks to Jenifer, Jason, Jed, Jacklyn, Junn, Joshua (all also ‘J’)  and Rames that come for the dinner and also the present. Guess what, I just bought a pants too, so I can have full set of TOPMAN. 😀 THANKS!!!!!!!

Once again I would like to thanks to everyone that wish me. Thanks for the wishes.

For more details of Cafe Barbera, head to their Facebook for details.

  1. yay! :D:D:D

    • Jac
    • September 4th, 2010

    Rames = James (J) as well.

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