All new iPod from Appple

This morning was the Apple yearly Music Event. So as usual I stayed until 1AM to watch the Apple Keynote. This time have live streaming, so I watched via iPhone as the live streaming only available for Mac powered.

Apple officially announced the all new iPod after all the leaked out news. iPod Shuffle get back the button and it just same as the 2nd gen. iPod Nano get all new design with the muti-touch screen. No more wheel control for iPod Nano. iPod Touch get FaceTime, Retina Display, camera.

Personally I feel the iPod Nano is way to small for a touch screen. So I think next update it will get a bigger screen. iPod is a cool gadget by anyhow I think I don’t need it as seldom use any MP3 player.

The all new iPod will be available next week price at RM 179 for the iPod Shuffle with 5 colors, iPod Nano price at RM 549 for 8GB and RM 679 for 16GB meanwhile iPod Touch, RM 829 for 8GB, 16GB at RM 1079 and lastly 64GB at RM 1399

More pictures after the jump.

Pictures from Engadget

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