Socially – Mobile Client for Social Networking

Well I seldom introduce application for mobile phone, but today I found a good application for Symbian and now also support Android. The application called Socially. Socially is an application that enabled you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also Foursquare. The picture that I posted is the home screen for Socially. You able to view all the latest news and updates from the homescreen. For more details you can go into each tab.

In Socially, the Facebook integration is much better than the official for the Symbian. At least I feel this is much faster in term of loading. Check out some screenshot at below. Latest Socially support Facebook Photo Sync.

I also tested the Twitter and Foursquare. But I still prefer Gravity than this, maybe I’m too used to it. Therefore I’m only using Socially for Facebook.

The best thing is this application is free to download for Symbian and Android. Check out the official website for more details.

More function for Facebook.

A much better UI for Facebook Photos

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