PlayStation Move

I finally MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!!! Yes the new PlayStation Move is here. It launched at 15 Sept but due to stock is not enough therefore mine was a bit delayed. I suppose to get the Sports Champion too but since really out of stock and heard that next stock won’t have this bundle set therefore I just get this, Start the Party. A nice game to play with a group of friends. That makes me need to get 1 more PlayStation Move controller.

Well here are some of my point of view after played the PlayStation Move few days. The controller is nice enough with the color sphere. Nicely fit your hands. My complain will be the PlayStation Eye. Due to I put it on top of the TV, therefore nothing is supporting the device and sometime it will move a bit and I need to align it back.

For the games, I think this is the winning point for PlayStation Move. HD gaming for motion controller game. The bundle comes with a demo disc and I able to play the Sports Champion. Woo that is a great sport game. Nice graphic, realistic controlling. It just real. Then some others game also support PlayStation Move, one of it is the anticipated game, Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5. Tested too, I love it….

Overall you may say this motion controller is same as Nintendo Wii. Yes the concept, idea is same but the game is really different. HD gaming compare with lower graphic of Nintendo Wii. In fact there is a different of controlling between Move and Wii, Move able to detect the X-axis, Y-Axis, and Z-Axis, that is front, back, left, right, up, and down while Wii is without front and back.

Let’s MOVE IT!!!!


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