Goodbye N97, Hello iPhone 4

Finally after weeks of hunting, today I able to get my iPhone 4. So I have to say goodbye to my Nokia N97. It’s been around 1 years that I’m using the phone. I like the camera and the QWERTY keyboards. Well I think now I kinda miss the keyboard.

Today is my iPhone treasure hunt day. I decided to wake up early and try to queue at the Maxis Center for iPhone. I was the first one in the queue at Pavilion as yesterday I heard got people able to get it, so I decided to try. Stand at there for 30 mins before the door open at 10AM. But sadly they said no stock and not sure will have for today. Due to Pavilion is near to KLCC therefore also went for a try. KLCC seem like keeping the stock for the upcoming roadshow so end up no luck.

Then decided to give a last try at TTDI, went but also same result. I was with my sister and she need to get something at PJ, so while waiting inside the car I check my twitter see Maxis got post and info or not. Then I also checkout LowYat Forum and I saw this ‘TTDI got ready stock’. As I was still st PJ, so quickly I go to TTDI Maxis Center again. Finally…. we able to get it, we put our name in the list and they confirmed can get by today.

Thump up for Maxis Center at TTDI. They way they manage the walk-in customer for iPhone 4 is really good. The staffs at there are also nice and help us to settle everything while waiting to be called. All are friendly and nice. Finish everything around 2PM, so today is my iPhone Treasure Hunt day. 9AM – 2PM, driving to Pavilion then KLCC then TTDI (1st attempt) and lastly TTDI again.

Finally 4.

  1. congrats 😀

  2. I don’t understand…What’s so cool about Iphone? Why ipad is better that a Sony-Ericsson for example?. Those mobile are more much more cheapper and they have a lot of extra features. On the I-Phone is just nice. People don’t buy them just because they are a trend ask yourself if is useful and is the right price. But in this period is all about comercials…

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