It’s been 1 month since my last blog post. Seem like again I’m neglecting my blog. Well nowadays with the Facebook, Twitter, Instragram you can blog, post whatever you want to say it out instantly. It is just easy as if you’re using iPhone. Ok I’m not promoting it.

I think I won’t spend much time in blogging, maybe I have nothing to talk about or not much to share about. If you want to check out my pictures can always go to my Tumblr as I had linked it with my Instragram.

Seem like I’m closing this blog, well it will remain. Maybe 1 post in a month.

Recently I had few fears, personal fear. A fear that I worry after what I done it may lead to some situation whereby is not what I want eventhough I able to handle it. A fear that I worry I may lose it too. This is real confusing. Well sometime things will keep changing from time to time. When things are too good then is hard to change it. Or maybe keep what it is instead of change it. In the end, a decision have to be made and an answer will be known no matter positive or negative.

So that is my crap haha bla bla bla. Well do check out my Tumblr. I love Instagram.

    • Chi Hui
    • December 6th, 2010

    Short message with 260 char limit of FB or Twitter you cant write “crab” like this lol. Too short pass your though.

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