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40 days

Abandoned this for 40 days and now is back to zero as I write again. Took me few attempt to get in as I forget my password. Well I also have no idea why I will log in and write again. Sometime no need reason to do something at all. When it come then it will really come to you.

Just enter the year of Rabbit. Will this be a good year or bad, I have 365 days to get the answer. As usual will read up some forecast based on the Chinese Zodiac. Seem like this year, not a good year in term of wealth and health. Listen and read few also said I have a poor wealth for this year. Need to control my financial well. I think this is good also as will makes me control it and manage it well. So in the end is good. ^^

Due to lot of unlucky stars, therefore career and relationship also not that good. Well this year my concentrate more towards on career again. Hope can achieve more and more and is what that I aim for. While for the other,  tired. Focus on work more. Waiting mode or idle mode? I have no idea too. ^^

Rabbit Year will be a Good Year to celebrate. 😀