About Me

I always not really good in describing myself. About Me I think is one of the hardest thing to write about. Anywhere still has to write it.

Is me Adrian Chan, previously I’m using the nickname jehutyz and as time goes by I changed my nickname to my initial that is adrianclw and now you can call me a.c also which is my short name. I started in the blogging world since mid of 2006. Started in Diaryland and it is sort of my personal diary. Enjoy the blogging experience especially when read back the old post. Lot of great and sweet memory and of course also the sad one. But that is all about life.

I’m spending most of my times in the IT world including my 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. I’m into photography, arts, music and the of course Be@rbrick. I enjoyed orchestra music a lot especially those games and movies. By listening to it, really can feel the meaning of the song and just like watching the movie. Be@rbrick, my collection that I think I will continue until the end, it started since 2004.

Know more about me through the channel below. Add me in Facebook, follow me in Twitter…

This is me, a.c





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