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Medicom Toy x Sony PlayStation France Be@rbrick 100%

The exclusive Be@rbrick from Sony PlayStation France, finally I got my hand on it. A not for sale Be@rbrick at France, they used this as a free gift for event and competition. Only 2,000 pcs are manufacturer and proudly to say ToyBeast get one too. Thanks for Sony PlayStation France.

Full details of this Be@rbrick already posted in ToyBeast and more pictures of this Be@rbrick will be posted soon.


International Love Heart

One of my favourite Be@rbrick design, International Love Heart by Alexander Girard. The name represent the design, in this design the heart shape have lot of language of the word Love. This is why called as International Love Heart. A very meaning design.

I missed out 100% and 400% release, my most regret Be@rbrick that I didn’t buy it. Luckily they continue release this in others size, 1000%, 200% and now 70%. Well 1000% I can’t afford it therefore when 200% release is a must get for me.

In the picture is the Happy Be@rbrick (International Love Heart) Birthday Be@rbrick 70%. Size at 5cm and this is a phone charm so you can hang it. This is available soon at Action City Malaysia. Well all I can say is nice to give to your partner too, International Love Heart.

Hmmm so who I should give to? 😛

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Black & White – Be@rbrick

After so many Black & White shots, I think I really miss out a shot with Be@rbrick. Love this shot so much. Think I will start to have a Black & White Gallery for Be@rbrick soon….

Be@rbrick Updates

The Be@rbrick hype is still going on as Medicom Toy just announced the license for Be@rbrick Series 21, it is earlier than I expected. This is the list of Be@rbrick that we will see in upcoming series that going to release in Dec 2010. Well for me, this Series just look normal to me based on the license. Hope to see some cool design.

In this updates some of the cool Be@rbrick also get official, Be@rbrick UNKLE that really get my attention this time. It will release in 100% and 400%. Another one is the My First Be@rbrick B@BY (Black & Silver ver.) 1000%. How nice if this my first 1000%. It is limited to 350 pcs at Japan only. Wondering worldwide is how many pieces limited.

See am I lucky enough to get the UNKLE or not, hope it won’t sold out when it release. But I’m sure don’t have the chance for the My First Be@rbrick B@BY (Black & Silver ver.) 1000%

More pictures after the jump.

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Upcoming must buy Be@rbrick

International Love Heart was one of my favorite for Be@rbrick. Well I missed the 100% and 400% and obviously I not afford for the 1000%, therefore when it release 200% without any concern I must get that. Not they will release 70% Birthday Be@rbrick. This is really cool. Check out the picture. It just nice. I think is nice to give someone that you love too. The heart is written in few language that mean Love.

All I can say this set of Be@rbrick is another move of Be@rbrick to con collector money haha… And definitely they able to con mine. This was released last year in a transparent design and now this year it is in solid color. As usual, August will be mine.

Weekend with Be@rbrick

Another Birthday Be@rbrick that just reached Action City. Initially I was thinking to get this from Japan, luckily I didn’t as now can have it. Birthday Be@rbrick Noir 70%, same as others Birthday Be@rbrick where it have number that shows your birthday month on the chest and you can attach your date and blood type for yourself. Now this Noir, is all in black. Seriously this is really damn black. From the packaging to the Be@rbrick and also the Swarovski Elements for the eyes. If you’re interested, you can get this from Action City The Gardens. Anywhere this Be@rbrick reached just in time, as this month is my *cough* month. 😀

After that I was poisoned by my friends for this Be@rbrick TRON (Vintage ver.). Well this is a nice one too. But it will remain in the blister pack….. I think I’m fated to get this even initially I’m not. This is the last piece from Action City. So even if you like it, I don’t think you can get it other than ebay. By the way this is limited to 1,500 pcs worldwide and 800 pcs at Japan only.

Be@rbrick Updates

As usual, every month will have Be@rbrick updates. This month I can say not much surprise for the Be@rbrick. I was expected a Be@rbrick that is Paul & Joe to surface as it will release next month, however it is not. So I think that might be a shop exclusive crossover.

Anywhere here are some that are cool for this time updates. Darth Vader that released in Kubrick and also Be@rbrick in 70% and 100% now it head to 400%. Wondering will they release in 1000%. I won’t surprise if they do so since lot of Star Wars fans.

Another one is this Nightmare before Christmas set. Jack Skellington released before now they pair with Sally. Seriously for Jack Skellington, I don’t see any different from previous released version. Hope Action City Malaysia can get this set.

For more updates, head to ToyBeast.