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Black & White – Be@rbrick

After so many Black & White shots, I think I really miss out a shot with Be@rbrick. Love this shot so much. Think I will start to have a Black & White Gallery for Be@rbrick soon….


Black & White – Music

Enjoying Symphonic Fantasies music from Square Enix in the living area in weekend noon. I decided to off the light to make it dark while enjoying the music. Afternoon sunlight came in, long time didn’t take black & white picture so this is the best time for the shot. How nice if I have an own sound room. (That is only when I’m rich…. )

Black & White – Kissaten

A lunch treat for the staffs birthday that falls on August, so I’m one of them. Thanks to all colleagues that spent me a lunch at Kissaten, Jaya One. Seriously this place is not bad. I quite like it. Fusion Japanese foods. Try it if you haven’t, their lunch set is quite reasonable and filling too. The best thing is you get 10% discount and also free salmon sashimi for lunch set. Isn’t this is good enough.

Black & White – Coffee

Coffee, a must have on weekdays if not I will feel uneasy. Coffee from Cafe Barbera, Bangsar.

Black & White – Abalone

Nice piece of abalone from my company dinner at Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33.

Black & White

Seem like even after World Cup, I’m still kinda away from my blog. Well here is one of my favourite, Cendol. Ok I will blog more soon……

I’m back from Cambodia

Yes I’m back from my 4 days trip to Cambodia. More pictures soon.