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Shape & Men’s Health Nite Run ’10

Yesterday night I went to Putrajaya for the Shape & Men’s Health Night Run ’10. This is my first time run for 12.3km as I used to run only 10km. Even it just extra 2.3km but seriously that is quite a lot too. My bad as this time I really didn’t train for this. Therefore this time, this is really a tough run. I think I run for 2.3km and just walk for the remaining 10km. I used 1 hour and 50 mins to complete the 12.3km run.

After this, I think this might be my last run. I probably just will join the KL Marathon that held in June by Standard Chartered. Let’s see how it goes….


G-Shock : Shock the World KL

I just SHOCKED!!!!! Back from G-Shock : Shock the World KL Tour at Zouk KL. Thanks to Wind for the invitation. So me and few of my friends hangout at Zouk KL for the event. There are three exclusive watches launched in conjunction of the tour event.

The collab series is the sport a version of the DW-5600 by Streething, a DW-6900 by local designer Stephen Lau and an exclusive ‘Shock The World Tour’ Kuala Lumpur edition.

Check out the pictures after the jump. It was taken using the new Sony NEX 5 with pancake lens. This camera is simply awesome for event usage.

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Event, Genting, Movie, Concert

Last Friday I went to the Zinc Art Space at Bangsar for the Iconic Rock & Roll Photography Exhibition Opening. Went there to check out the photograph by David Corio. Actually I went there for free foods and drinks only hahaha.

Then on Saturday night I went to Genting for Starbuck. Using my own tumbler, can save money and also save the earth. Think I need to always practice this to save the world..

My Starbuck Tumbler

On Sunday, was the great day. Went to watch Echoes of the Rainbow with friends at noon then after movie I went to Bukit Jalil for Kelly Clarkson concert for free. Hahaha got free ticket. In the concert, I think I just know 3 or 4 song from Kelly Clarkson. Anywhere the concert was rocks…..

Concert Stage

Arrival of Kelly Clarkson

Had a great weekend!!!!!!

Foursquare Day Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday was Foursquare day. What is foursquare? Check it out at here. Add me if you have one. So I joined the Foursquare Day KL at Starbuck, Damansara Utama (Uptown). Reach there with Jason, Rames, Joshua and also Jenifer.As I’m the first 50 therefore I get this.

We joined the Foursquare Day KL race. We are in a group of 6 that consists of me, Jason, Rames, Joshua, Jenifer and also Ryan that we met at there. The game is required us to find the location based on the clue is given once we check in to the correct location. There are 5 locations in total. We are required to take a group picture of the location and twitpic it.

(We are Team A)

(One of our twitpic for the location. Thanks to Rames as our photographer)

Well WE ARE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! We won the race. We took around 25 mins to complete it. We are running like cat and dog at Uptown. Thanks to everyone in our team. We are THE BEST! So we won a hamper sponsor by Starbucks.

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iPhone OS 4.0 revealed

(Pic taken from

This morning I stayed up at 1AM in order to check out the live updates for the Apple iPhone OS 4 Event. A sneak preview of what’s new in the new iPhone OS 4. Well everyone is waiting for this announcement.

First feature during the announcement, I think is every user wanted to have, Multitaking. Yes finally this feature is checked in iPhone OS 4. (Wishlist checked). During the event they did show how is the multitasking work. By just press the home button twice and it will trigger the multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen.

Another new feature is called as Folder, now user can group the apps in a folder. So user no need keep flipping the screen. Also announced is the feature where user able to change the homescreen wallpaper. Unified EMail, now you can have all in 1 mailbox for your email. iBook that featured in iPad now is port over to iPhone too. Enterprise, a feature more toward the data protection. Game Center, sort of like XBOX LIVE where you can have multiplayer for gaming. Lastly is the iAd which is pretty cool for mobile ads.

All this 7 new features is announced during the event and guess what, this is just 7 out of 100 over new feature in iPhone OS 4. So more to come….

The iPhone OS 4 developer beta kit is availabe now and the iPhone OS 4 will be available in Summer 2010. So I assume by then the next iPhone will announce too.

Now the OS is ready and just waiting for the next generation of iPhone, as they already check out the developer kit, found out the feature for front camera and LED Flash is in too. So I think is time for a change as most of my wishlist for iPhone already checked.

Check out the keynote video at here.

iPhone OS 4.0 to be revealed on 8th April

Apple sent out invitation for the sneak preview of the next generation iPhone OS 4.0 event. One of the most awaited event that I’m waiting for as it will show what news in the new OS. The thing that I really want to know is the multi-tasking feature. Rumor said that multi-tasking already registered in iPhone OS 4.0. So still need to wait 3 more days before the official announcement.

Here are the rumor feature for the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0.

  • New multi-touch gesture support
  • Multitasking
  • A new user interface refresh

All this will be confirm on 8th April 2010 10:00 AM Pacific Time, which mean is Friday 1AM at local time.

Energizer Night Race 2010

Previously I posted that I will joining the Energizer Night Race 2010, yesterday night was the race night. I joined the 10km run as I think that is my limit already. This is my 3rd run. I joined with Jed and Jenifer, and I met Bryan (my secondary school friend), also Jason that running for the 21km. Respect!… So semangat.

(Pic taken by Jenifer aka jennihsurf)

The Energizer Night Race 2010 took place at Cyberjaya. This event is the Malaysia 1st Night Marathon with headlight.

This is the headlight that we need to on and wear in on our forehead during the run. A pretty cool headlight.

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