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The Other Guys

Yesterday watched The Other Guys thanks to Joshua a.k.a tallboyz for the free passes. Free movie and come with popcorn and drinks, that is the best combination.

Well I have no idea what movie is this but only know is a comedy. The movie was not bad and quite funny. It was pretty entertaining throughout the movie. Lot’s of stupid scene and conversation for laugh.

Maybe this is a good movie to enjoy during weekend if you don’t have any movie to watch in mind.


Is not a dream, Is Inception

Christopher Nolan a well known director for Batman Begins and Dark Knight. But before this movie, I get to know Christopher Nolan from the movie, The Prestige. I just watched his latest movie, Inception.

I didn’t watch any trailer or summary for this movie. I just saw less a less than 5 sec scene of the trailer in the TV and I saw a great CG movie. Then I get to know before the movie while I having dinner, this movie is related to dream.

I know Christopher Nolan movie is full of twist and turn, a movie that need you to think and it will be confuse too. So no exception for this, this one is even better than The Prestige. Need to concentrate and think where are you now. This is not a dream.

I like this kind of movie and especially the ending, it just make it great. Seriously I really recommend people to watch this movie. This is not an ordinary movie, not always got such of this kind of movie. So better don’t miss this. Personally I rate this movie, 9/10. So I will watch any movie from Christopher Nolan for sure.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story, one of my favourite animation movie. This is the first Pixar movie. Guess what, it already 10 years since Toy Story 2. Don’t really realized that until I go and check it.

Yesterday I went to watch Toy Story 3. It really didn’t disappoint me. This sequel is the best, the best Toy Story movie. Is really nice to see them back. Usually sequel will have a lot of feedback but what I can say, this is damn nice.

They story is nice, meaningful, touching, and funny. The character in the movie is well introduce even for those new one. Is a very good movie for adult like me that like toys, and also good for those kids.

Go and watch it if you haven’t. Personally I give full score of 10/10.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Well I seldom watch horror movie in cinema cause what… I’m scare. I admit that haha. Pay money for a movie to scare myself and strees while watching it… isn’t it suppose to be relax in the cinema :D. Anywhere I just back from the premiere screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street after force (well since is free why not…) by Rames (thanks for the ticket), Jen, Grace and also met Jason at the cinema. Seriously I have no idea about this movie but I only know the character in this movie, Freddy Krueger, the guy that wearing a hat with red and black stripe t-shirt and also the hand with some sharp knife armor.

Overall this movie is quite interesting, the beginning is quite good but then it follows up with some expected story line. I like the effect in the movie. Pretty well done. Well as usual I won’t have any spoiler for this movie. Personally I rate this movie at 7 out of 10. I seldom watch horror movie but this is quite interesting.

I hope I don’t have such nightmare……………..

The ‘MAN’ week

This week is a movie week whereby two great movie release in the same day, Ironman 2 and Ip Man 2. So is the ‘MAN’ week. I watched Ironman 2 on Thursday at the new TGV at Wangsa Walk Mall. Well the cinema is damn nice as it is new. The seat is very comfortable and the service is good too.

Ironman 2, well I think a lot of people is waiting for this movie after the well done in previous Ironman. So as usual I won’t really expect it will be great in the sequel. In fact I didn’t put this movie in priority of watching as I plan to watch Ip Man 2 first. Overall for me this sequel is sort of like money earning movie. The story is boring, the action is nothing to talk about. Personally I don’t really like this. The first is much better.

Ip Man was one of the best Kung Fu movie that I watched and now Ip Man 2, is the best sequel Kung Fu movie too. Watched this yesterday, this movie is great. This time not much story telling and it replace with more action. ‘Talk to hand’. In this movie you also will know how to respect each other, is not about winning. Great movie. Their kung fu really damn good especially with Sammo Hung. This is a must watch movie.

Echoes of the Rainbow

Today I went to watch Echoes of the Rainbow. This was recommended by Sabrina, well I’m glad for the recommend as this movie is really good. Simon Yam get Best Actor for the 29th HK Film Awards, and the guy that lookalike Wang Lee-Hom, Aarif Lee get Best Newcomer. I watched At the End of Daybreak that Wai Ying Hong get Best Actress too. So this time I watch both movie that grab the Best Actor and Actress and also Best Newcomer.

This movie is all about the poor family that trying their best for their children. Well this movie is very touching, in the first hour the movie story still is still fine with the story telling about their life. Then follow by sad story plotting that able makes your tear drop from the middle till end. Their parent put their hope to the children by sending him to the best school eventhough having problem for the school expenses. Their hope fade away after their son suffer from disease. Because of this, the family have more and more problem especially in term of money and also worry.

This movie is dedicated to the Hong Kong people, as it showed a lot of hard time they having in term of economy, natural disaster such as typhoon. I didn’t know that they are have installment plan to buy mooncake due to they can’t afford for it. I also didn’t know their hospital also a very money minded place, no money no service. Bascially if you don’t have money then you’ll die soon.

I appreciate a lot of great scene in the movie. It doesn’t need any music or word, the expression tells it all. Seriously when you watch it, you will know what I mean. You will touch by the expression in the scene.

I was quite dissapointed that Sandra Ng unable to get the Best Actress. Seriously her acting in this movie is really damn good. Her expression throughout the movie, really have to give two thumb up. While for Simon Yam, his role as a father is good too. Trying his best to give the best to the children. Able to feel his good acting in the movie. He is really deserve for the award. Others than both great actor and actress, the guy Aarif Lee and the kid, also did it great in the movie.

But I don’t really get the meaning behind of movie. Time is not enough? Do what you want to do? Anyone can cherish with some taught of this movie? All I know is just sad and touching.

Another great movie that I watched. Hope to see more this kind of movie.

Thumb Up!

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

A very nice local movie to recommed, Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Think most of the people also aware about this movie due to a huge local artists in this movie. I think nearly all the famous artists are in the movie.

Ah Niu and Lee Sinje are the main character in the movie. Well this movie really touching love story. The movie scene does have the nostalgia feel. I not really where they film this movie, but I think probably at Ipoh, the old town. The scene is very nice. For the story, my personal point of view, this is really great. This movie not only about love story but it also about friendship and family. I think this able to bring some childhood feel too.

Good movie. Highly recommend. I rate it 9/10. Go and buy a ticket and watch it. Bring tissue along if you’re the type 😀