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Black & White – Music

Enjoying Symphonic Fantasies music from Square Enix in the living area in weekend noon. I decided to off the light to make it dark while enjoying the music. Afternoon sunlight came in, long time didn’t take black & white picture so this is the best time for the shot. How nice if I have an own sound room. (That is only when I’m rich…. )


All new iPod from Appple

This morning was the Apple yearly Music Event. So as usual I stayed until 1AM to watch the Apple Keynote. This time have live streaming, so I watched via iPhone as the live streaming only available for Mac powered.

Apple officially announced the all new iPod after all the leaked out news. iPod Shuffle get back the button and it just same as the 2nd gen. iPod Nano get all new design with the muti-touch screen. No more wheel control for iPod Nano. iPod Touch get FaceTime, Retina Display, camera.

Personally I feel the iPod Nano is way to small for a touch screen. So I think next update it will get a bigger screen. iPod is a cool gadget by anyhow I think I don’t need it as seldom use any MP3 player.

The all new iPod will be available next week price at RM 179 for the iPod Shuffle with 5 colors, iPod Nano price at RM 549 for 8GB and RM 679 for 16GB meanwhile iPod Touch, RM 829 for 8GB, 16GB at RM 1079 and lastly 64GB at RM 1399

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Symphonic Fantasies music from Square Enix

This is a great collection CD as the four legends video game composer at Square Enix will featured in this compilation CD collection entitled, ‘Symphonic Fantasies music from Square Enix’.

Kikuta Hiroki
Secret of Mana, Soukaigi

Mitsuda Yasunori
Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Inazuma Eleven

Yoko Shimomura
Street Fighter II, Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts

Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy, SaGa, Lost Odyssey

You’ll find five tracks:

  • 01: Fanfare Overture
  • 02: Fantasy I: Kingdom Hearts
  • 03: Fantasy II: Secret of Mana
  • 04: Fantasy III: Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross
  • 05: Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy

Check out official site for some sample music and if you would like to buy it, can get it from Play-Asia. This CD will release on Sept 15.

Final Fantasy

My iTunes playlist is flooded of OST music and most of it is belongs to Final Fantasy. Lately I keep listening to the Final Fantasy X ending theme song. Then I go and YouTube the ending scene. It was a good Final Fantasy game with a nice love story and also great music.

A great music that reminds me of a good ending scene and also the game itself, anywhere it always comes together in one. When listening to the OST, it always reminds me those scenes in the game, this is why I like it so much. Same goes to movie, I’m sure it will make you remember some of the scene when you hear the rhythm.

Now I hope the Distant Worlds will come to Malaysia to perform their Distant Worlds II as last year I went to Singapore for the show. It was a great show, while now I’m still waiting for them to release their tour for next year. Hope I no need travel to Singapore for it, but I will to if there isn’t a choice.

Check out the ending scene, it was a sad one but for me is a nice ending, a memorable ending.

Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collection

The Piano Collections Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack includes 10 songs, composed, arranged and produced by Masashi Hamauzu.

  • 01. Lignting’s Theme: Blinded by Light
  • 02. Final Fantasy XIII The Promise — The Sunleth Waterscape
  • 03. March of Dreadnoughts
  • 04. The Gapra Whitewood
  • 05. Nautlius
  • 06. Vanille’s Theme — Memories of Happier Days — The Road Home
  • 07. Nascent Requiem
  • 08. Fang’s Theme
  • 09. Reminiscence — Sulyya Springs Motif
  • 10. Prelude to Final Fantasy XIII Full Version

This CD is set to release on 21 July. You can get it at Play-Asia and now is having discount for this.

Check out some sample song from the official site.


‘Why’ by Ayaka, theme song for Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII the prequel of Final Fantasy VII. Out of sudden I’m wanted to listen this song, so I just go to my iTunes and look for this song. Then I also want to blog to share about this song. Song entitled ‘Why’, I think song title really match with the game very much. Why must end in such way, Why must he die, Why he can’t survive, Why such a sad ending (Which I like). If you played the game, I think you might feel the same. Seriously when I watched the ending of the game with this song, really feel sad.

Check out the Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII ending at here. Then you will know why I said that. A very good prequel game, good story, good explaination and it able to link the story with Final Fantasy VII very well. WHY it is so good….. 😀


Check out the meaningful lyrics that translated to english.

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Jay Chou – The Era

Jay Chou latest album, The Era. This is his 10th album which mean a remarkable for his music career. I had been not listening to his song as previous few album wasn’t really good. Well today I listened to this album, pretty good. Go through 1 round of the album, and I already have few favourite song from this album that I will keep on listen. One of the song that I like after first listen is ‘說了再見’, other than this song I do like this few songs, ‘煙花易冷’, ‘我落淚。情緒零碎’, and ‘愛的等飛行日記’. Well this is a pretty good album.

Personally I think Jay does sing well in those love and slow rhythm song as like what he did in the beginning. Maybe this is his 10th album therefore maybe he trying to back his old own style of song. I quite like this album after listen 1 round of the album. Don’t belive me, just try to listen to Jay Chou latest album then share your comment.