First post

Yeah, this is my first post in WordPress. Finally I decided to move to WordPress as it is more organize, better layout and also lot more features. My old Diaryland blog will still remain and I think I will slowly moved all the blogpost from Diaryland to here. Arghh…. got 531 posts. I wondering how to transfer all to here. Manual job will be really sux… You still can access my old blog at here.

So now I will back to my blogging world. Actually I don’t know is there any reader of my blog, but it doesn’t matter as this is just my diary. It really good as when I view back my old posts, lots of great memory in past. Happy or sad…. everything is there. I started my blog in 28th May 2006 so which mean I had been blogging for 3 years but just recently I’m a bit neglect my blog and didn’t post anything. But now I’m back. I will update as much as I can. My blog post can be anything, my life, my taught, my sharing, my knowledge….. anything.

Time files and everything changed. This is life.

So Welcome to my new blog.

This is me, a.c.