The Other Guys

Yesterday watched The Other Guys thanks to Joshua a.k.a tallboyz for the free passes. Free movie and come with popcorn and drinks, that is the best combination.

Well I have no idea what movie is this but only know is a comedy. The movie was not bad and quite funny. It was pretty entertaining throughout the movie. Lot’s of stupid scene and conversation for laugh.

Maybe this is a good movie to enjoy during weekend if you don’t have any movie to watch in mind.


Medicom Toy x Sony PlayStation France Be@rbrick 100%

The exclusive Be@rbrick from Sony PlayStation France, finally I got my hand on it. A not for sale Be@rbrick at France, they used this as a free gift for event and competition. Only 2,000 pcs are manufacturer and proudly to say ToyBeast get one too. Thanks for Sony PlayStation France.

Full details of this Be@rbrick already posted in ToyBeast and more pictures of this Be@rbrick will be posted soon.

International Love Heart

One of my favourite Be@rbrick design, International Love Heart by Alexander Girard. The name represent the design, in this design the heart shape have lot of language of the word Love. This is why called as International Love Heart. A very meaning design.

I missed out 100% and 400% release, my most regret Be@rbrick that I didn’t buy it. Luckily they continue release this in others size, 1000%, 200% and now 70%. Well 1000% I can’t afford it therefore when 200% release is a must get for me.

In the picture is the Happy Be@rbrick (International Love Heart) Birthday Be@rbrick 70%. Size at 5cm and this is a phone charm so you can hang it. This is available soon at Action City Malaysia. Well all I can say is nice to give to your partner too, International Love Heart.

Hmmm so who I should give to? 😛

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Black & White – Be@rbrick

After so many Black & White shots, I think I really miss out a shot with Be@rbrick. Love this shot so much. Think I will start to have a Black & White Gallery for Be@rbrick soon….

PlayStation Move

I finally MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!!! Yes the new PlayStation Move is here. It launched at 15 Sept but due to stock is not enough therefore mine was a bit delayed. I suppose to get the Sports Champion too but since really out of stock and heard that next stock won’t have this bundle set therefore I just get this, Start the Party. A nice game to play with a group of friends. That makes me need to get 1 more PlayStation Move controller.

Well here are some of my point of view after played the PlayStation Move few days. The controller is nice enough with the color sphere. Nicely fit your hands. My complain will be the PlayStation Eye. Due to I put it on top of the TV, therefore nothing is supporting the device and sometime it will move a bit and I need to align it back.

For the games, I think this is the winning point for PlayStation Move. HD gaming for motion controller game. The bundle comes with a demo disc and I able to play the Sports Champion. Woo that is a great sport game. Nice graphic, realistic controlling. It just real. Then some others game also support PlayStation Move, one of it is the anticipated game, Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5. Tested too, I love it….

Overall you may say this motion controller is same as Nintendo Wii. Yes the concept, idea is same but the game is really different. HD gaming compare with lower graphic of Nintendo Wii. In fact there is a different of controlling between Move and Wii, Move able to detect the X-axis, Y-Axis, and Z-Axis, that is front, back, left, right, up, and down while Wii is without front and back.

Let’s MOVE IT!!!!

Black & White – Music

Enjoying Symphonic Fantasies music from Square Enix in the living area in weekend noon. I decided to off the light to make it dark while enjoying the music. Afternoon sunlight came in, long time didn’t take black & white picture so this is the best time for the shot. How nice if I have an own sound room. (That is only when I’m rich…. )

A place to chill

This year we celebrate the very first Malaysia Day at here after our PM declared 16 Sept is a public holiday. Is a holiday, therefore is a best time to gather around with friends. I had a small gathering with my college friends at Delicious, Dua Residency. Nice, environment to sit down have a lunch and continue with chit chat.

It was 9 years ago when we first met each other in college. I just found out this when I blog. So I think next year should have a gathering, 10 years of friendship. It just need a pair of hands finger to count how long is our friendship, you might think is look short but I’m sure a lot of things had gone through……

Well I think that will be my next year agenda.

* Picture taken with N97