A shot that not to miss

Every time pass by KLCC, if there is a chance I always won’t stop myself to take a shot of KLCC view especially at night. Check out my previous picture that I took in day time.

Even I took this many times, but it is still a nice landmark to take. KLCC Twin Tower still one of the best skyscraper in the world.

* Picture taken with N97


I’m in Weibo

Yes. I’m in the Weibo network too. Most of you know I’m not Chinese educated but I’m in the one of the hottest network in the world, Weibo. Everything in Chinese, all the words to me are alien to me.  But thanks to Google Translate that makes my life easier.

Why I’m at Weibo? The main reason is because I just want to register my name so no one will take it when I really need it. So kiasu…. 😛 Anywhere I just want to explore more. Catch up with the latest. So once a while I will read my Weibo too. Add me if you have, adrianclw.

Well is pretty fun too as try to write in Mandarin using Google Translate. 😀


Socially – Mobile Client for Social Networking

Well I seldom introduce application for mobile phone, but today I found a good application for Symbian and now also support Android. The application called Socially. Socially is an application that enabled you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also Foursquare. The picture that I posted is the home screen for Socially. You able to view all the latest news and updates from the homescreen. For more details you can go into each tab.

In Socially, the Facebook integration is much better than the official for the Symbian. At least I feel this is much faster in term of loading. Check out some screenshot at below. Latest Socially support Facebook Photo Sync.

I also tested the Twitter and Foursquare. But I still prefer Gravity than this, maybe I’m too used to it. Therefore I’m only using Socially for Facebook.

The best thing is this application is free to download for Symbian and Android. Check out the official website for more details.

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Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio

I heard about Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio that located at Solaris Dutamas (not SOHO but is nearby) that served French style foods. Obviously when came across French cuisine it is one of the best in the world and also expensive. Finally I have the chance to try it as I was on leave on that day due to they only open from Mon – Sat and from 9am to 6pm.

So I had tried their foods and here are the pictures of what we had.

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Tea time at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Another bungalow turn to restaurant and this one is a bakery. Levain Boulangerie Patisserie, located at Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur. If you know the Fukuya Japanese Restaurant, Levain it just next to it. We went reached there around 3PM and it also packed with people. Is hard to find car park and also seat.

Well Levain do have a varieties of bread, pastry, and cakes too. They do have pasta also. Personally the foods was fine and not bad but for me what is the main point of having it at Levain is the environment that they have. Nowadays most of the people like to enjoy the environment therefore that is one of the point of having a tea break at Levain.

If you never been there, is nice to enjoy your breakfast or tea break with your partner or your friends.

For more details, you may visit their Facebook.

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All new iPod from Appple

This morning was the Apple yearly Music Event. So as usual I stayed until 1AM to watch the Apple Keynote. This time have live streaming, so I watched via iPhone as the live streaming only available for Mac powered.

Apple officially announced the all new iPod after all the leaked out news. iPod Shuffle get back the button and it just same as the 2nd gen. iPod Nano get all new design with the muti-touch screen. No more wheel control for iPod Nano. iPod Touch get FaceTime, Retina Display, camera.

Personally I feel the iPod Nano is way to small for a touch screen. So I think next update it will get a bigger screen. iPod is a cool gadget by anyhow I think I don’t need it as seldom use any MP3 player.

The all new iPod will be available next week price at RM 179 for the iPod Shuffle with 5 colors, iPod Nano price at RM 549 for 8GB and RM 679 for 16GB meanwhile iPod Touch, RM 829 for 8GB, 16GB at RM 1079 and lastly 64GB at RM 1399

More pictures after the jump.

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Symphonic Fantasies music from Square Enix

This is a great collection CD as the four legends video game composer at Square Enix will featured in this compilation CD collection entitled, ‘Symphonic Fantasies music from Square Enix’.

Kikuta Hiroki
Secret of Mana, Soukaigi

Mitsuda Yasunori
Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Inazuma Eleven

Yoko Shimomura
Street Fighter II, Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts

Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy, SaGa, Lost Odyssey

You’ll find five tracks:

  • 01: Fanfare Overture
  • 02: Fantasy I: Kingdom Hearts
  • 03: Fantasy II: Secret of Mana
  • 04: Fantasy III: Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross
  • 05: Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy

Check out official site for some sample music and if you would like to buy it, can get it from Play-Asia. This CD will release on Sept 15.