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Black in White by Luke Chueh

Another random figure that I like. Well I do admit I like some weird thing. This rabbit is quite to me. It just like a two face. When in white, it look cute but when take off, the black showing the truth of it with an evil face. This figure called ‘Black in White by Luke Chueh’. Based on the information, this took 2 year of making.

Luke Chueh which I have no idea who is this artist but I came across this design quite sometime ago. This is on sale at Munky King for $100.

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KAWS designed Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket

I’m not a fans of KAWS design eventhough it released in few design for Be@rbrick in different kind of size. But for this design, I think I couldn’t agree that this is not cool. OriginalFake x Medicom Toy Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket desgined by KAWS that was shown during the exhibition and now it will go on sale on this weekend, 28th August. It is priced at 17,640 YEN that will cost around RM 650 at Japan that is quite reasonable. But for KAWS designed, the price will shoot up easily. So I think it will sell at around RM 1.3k from reseller.

Anywhere this is nice to see only. No specific size is given therefore not really know how big is it. But I think will be around 12inch tall.

Check out more pictures.

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coarse false friends blackout

One of the figure that I damn like it but I can’t own it. Anywhere is not that you want it then you can have it as coarse figure is quite limited. You have to stay alert on the release date in order to get a chance to get it. coarse false friends loser was released February and now here come the another version of false friends. It look cool in dark.

coarse false friends blackout is just posted in their Facebook. This color is very cool looking especially noop. Well I hope one day I can really order this figure. This figure is priced at HKD 3,388 and limited to 300 pcs only.

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Mother’s Day Be@rbrick

It seem like Medicom Toy want to release a new season Be@rbrick, this is Mother’s Day Special. Rose flower all over the Be@rbrick and at the back printed as ‘Send all my love and thanks to you’. Personally, I like this Be@rbrick a lot. Simple and nice. White background (Ok I really like white a lot), with just roses of love. Hope this will be available at here then I’m sure will get it but this is Project 1/6 Exclusive. So might not able to get it that easy.

Check out more about Be@rbrick at ToyBeast.

coarsetoys jaws – loser keychain

Done a quick shoot with coarsetoys jaws keychain. Check it out. Coarsetoys really a very nice collection. Hope one day I can get the 13′ jaws.

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coarsetoys jaws loser keychain

Finally is here. Remember I posted the coarsetoys latest collection. I ordered the keychain and today I received it. Well so do I get the rare blush version? The answer is YES!. I get the blush version that is the rare one. This keychain is limited to 500 pcs and the blush version only have 100 pcs. It is based on random and your luck. I get 1 out of 4 that I ordered. As I’m sharing with my colleagues, each of us order 2 pcs. Therefore my chance to getting it is 50 out of 100. Well I hope I can get it.

I will post the picture of the keychain once I opened it. Wish me luck for the blush version.

DEVILROBOTs x Play Imaginative 4 Inch TO-FUs

I just found out this cool TO-FUs. Upcoming DEVILROBOTs x Play Imaginative 4 Inch TO-FUs that going to release in 3 different of design. There are Pieces version, Aquarius version and Love version. Luckily not all 3 if horoscope, if that happen then they might be another 9 horoscope to be release. Then this will be cool as to have horoscope TO-Fus. Too bad both also not my horoscope.

I ain’t a TO-FUs collector but I do have a set of TO-FUs x Kubrick, TO-FU Oyako Devil Mix. This TO-FUs is quite interesting, if here is available and the price is reasonable then I might get 1 set too. Sigh… hope it won’t be my new collection.

Check out for more details.