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A place to chill

This year we celebrate the very first Malaysia Day at here after our PM declared 16 Sept is a public holiday. Is a holiday, therefore is a best time to gather around with friends. I had a small gathering with my college friends at Delicious, Dua Residency. Nice, environment to sit down have a lunch and continue with chit chat.

It was 9 years ago when we first met each other in college. I just found out this when I blog. So I think next year should have a gathering, 10 years of friendship. It just need a pair of hands finger to count how long is our friendship, you might think is look short but I’m sure a lot of things had gone through……

Well I think that will be my next year agenda.

* Picture taken with N97


A shot that not to miss

Every time pass by KLCC, if there is a chance I always won’t stop myself to take a shot of KLCC view especially at night. Check out my previous picture that I took in day time.

Even I took this many times, but it is still a nice landmark to take. KLCC Twin Tower still one of the best skyscraper in the world.

* Picture taken with N97

G-Shock : Shock the World KL

I just SHOCKED!!!!! Back from G-Shock : Shock the World KL Tour at Zouk KL. Thanks to Wind for the invitation. So me and few of my friends hangout at Zouk KL for the event. There are three exclusive watches launched in conjunction of the tour event.

The collab series is the sport a version of the DW-5600 by Streething, a DW-6900 by local designer Stephen Lau and an exclusive ‘Shock The World Tour’ Kuala Lumpur edition.

Check out the pictures after the jump. It was taken using the new Sony NEX 5 with pancake lens. This camera is simply awesome for event usage.

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A visit to Cambodia

Last week I went to Siem Riep, Cambodia for holiday with Jed, Jacklyn, Jenifer, Junn, Rames a.k.a Siao Gang. We went for a 4D3N trip but actually it just 3 day as our departure flight from Cambodia is at 7AM, and that is the only flight back.

Cambodia, as I know is a third world country and my perception of the country is poor lifestyle, don’t have any high building and also ‘kampung’ lifestyle.

First of all, we stayed at Molly Malones Guesthouse, a pretty nice place to stay as it located at the Pub Street, the happening place at Siem Riep. Right after we check-in for our accomodation, we start our Angkot Wat journey. Get out Angkot Wat passes that cost us $40 for 3 days.

Temple visiting….

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I’m back from Cambodia

Yes I’m back from my 4 days trip to Cambodia. More pictures soon.


A very nice sunset view that I took with my phone, 5MP rocks right. Not always have the chance to take sunset at such view as usually just in driving view. Well I took it at 30th floor Menara TM. Lately got to stay for OT for a project. At least I just see sunset only and not like last time, I see sunset and sunrise. People work I work, People sleep I also working, that was 2 years+ ago. Tough but it was a nice experience.

When a person is busy it tend to forget a lot of things. What came across the mind just work work work but no matter how busy, the loop of checking is remain there. Never forget you. Hope the sunrise and have a better day.

Be@rbrick Jwyed 100% & 400%

Be@rbrick Jwyed, just released not too long ago. My colleague bought it from Singapore and let me to have a quick photo session with this Be@rbrick. Be@rbrick Jwyed come in a set of 100% and 400%. It also come with a handphone charm. For more details, check out ToyBeast.

So I have a quick one with this Be@rbrick. For those whole like Black Be@rbrick, I think you will want to get this. Full glossy black that make a reflection on the surface. It is tattoo printed on the Be@rbrick. This Be@rbrick Jwyed will available soon at Action City Malaysia.

Check out more pictures after the jump.

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