40 days

Abandoned this for 40 days and now is back to zero as I write again. Took me few attempt to get in as I forget my password. Well I also have no idea why I will log in and write again. Sometime no need reason to do something at all. When it come then it will really come to you.

Just enter the year of Rabbit. Will this be a good year or bad, I have 365 days to get the answer. As usual will read up some forecast based on the Chinese Zodiac. Seem like this year, not a good year in term of wealth and health. Listen and read few also said I have a poor wealth for this year. Need to control my financial well. I think this is good also as will makes me control it and manage it well. So in the end is good. ^^

Due to lot of unlucky stars, therefore career and relationship also not that good. Well this year my concentrate more towards on career again. Hope can achieve more and more and is what that I aim for. While for the other,  tired. Focus on work more. Waiting mode or idle mode? I have no idea too. ^^

Rabbit Year will be a Good Year to celebrate. 😀


Another GoodBye

Another 365 days had passed. Yes again we gonna say Goodbye to 2010, and Hi to 2011. Time really is flying. So fast already end of 2010. I went through my own Facebook picture gallery, flashback a lot of great memory with family, friends and also a great gang that we always hangout together. You all are AWESOME!!!

Of course a lot of things happened in a year. Well no matter is good or bad, just take it and have a good memory.

Let’s us celebrate and welcome 2011.


It’s been 1 month since my last blog post. Seem like again I’m neglecting my blog. Well nowadays with the Facebook, Twitter, Instragram you can blog, post whatever you want to say it out instantly. It is just easy as if you’re using iPhone. Ok I’m not promoting it.

I think I won’t spend much time in blogging, maybe I have nothing to talk about or not much to share about. If you want to check out my pictures can always go to my Tumblr as I had linked it with my Instragram.

Seem like I’m closing this blog, well it will remain. Maybe 1 post in a month.

Recently I had few fears, personal fear. A fear that I worry after what I done it may lead to some situation whereby is not what I want eventhough I able to handle it. A fear that I worry I may lose it too. This is real confusing. Well sometime things will keep changing from time to time. When things are too good then is hard to change it. Or maybe keep what it is instead of change it. In the end, a decision have to be made and an answer will be known no matter positive or negative.

So that is my crap haha bla bla bla. Well do check out my Tumblr. I love Instagram.

It’s been 3 years…

It’s been 3 years… more than 1000 days he left us. 3 years is not short period of time and I still can remember everything that happened on that day. Is because I don’t want to forget that or I can’t forget it. I think I tend not to forget it, that a sad moment but is the last moment between us. Sometime I do recall it back. A moment to remember but is the sad moment.

Miss will always there. Sometime will think how nice if he is still here but life is not perfect, you won’t have everything as you wish to have. By losing something might be good for another side or even both side. Maybe he is better at the other side of the world.

Will always miss you, my beloved father.

Break away at PD

In my previous post, I blog about where I’m going. So this is the place, The Legend International Water Homes. Yeah, is above the sea, but well it is not the blue color as we expected.

We had a great weekend among colleagues at PD. We enjoy the place that we stayed, we also enjoy the foods that we had at there. Each of the resort have their own private swimming pool, we picked the one facing the sea so we can have a very good view, indeed it really looks great. I think this place is really ideal for those couple especially honeymoon…

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Weekend Breakaway

Weekend breakaway….. Going to spend my weekend at The Legend International Water Homes at Port Dickson with my fellow colleagues. Gonna enjoy my weekend at there.

Goodbye N97, Hello iPhone 4

Finally after weeks of hunting, today I able to get my iPhone 4. So I have to say goodbye to my Nokia N97. It’s been around 1 years that I’m using the phone. I like the camera and the QWERTY keyboards. Well I think now I kinda miss the keyboard.

Today is my iPhone treasure hunt day. I decided to wake up early and try to queue at the Maxis Center for iPhone. I was the first one in the queue at Pavilion as yesterday I heard got people able to get it, so I decided to try. Stand at there for 30 mins before the door open at 10AM. But sadly they said no stock and not sure will have for today. Due to Pavilion is near to KLCC therefore also went for a try. KLCC seem like keeping the stock for the upcoming roadshow so end up no luck.

Then decided to give a last try at TTDI, went but also same result. I was with my sister and she need to get something at PJ, so while waiting inside the car I check my twitter see Maxis got post and info or not. Then I also checkout LowYat Forum and I saw this ‘TTDI got ready stock’. As I was still st PJ, so quickly I go to TTDI Maxis Center again. Finally…. we able to get it, we put our name in the list and they confirmed can get by today.

Thump up for Maxis Center at TTDI. They way they manage the walk-in customer for iPhone 4 is really good. The staffs at there are also nice and help us to settle everything while waiting to be called. All are friendly and nice. Finish everything around 2PM, so today is my iPhone Treasure Hunt day. 9AM – 2PM, driving to Pavilion then KLCC then TTDI (1st attempt) and lastly TTDI again.

Finally 4.