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Goodbye N97, Hello iPhone 4

Finally after weeks of hunting, today I able to get my iPhone 4. So I have to say goodbye to my Nokia N97. It’s been around 1 years that I’m using the phone. I like the camera and the QWERTY keyboards. Well I think now I kinda miss the keyboard.

Today is my iPhone treasure hunt day. I decided to wake up early and try to queue at the Maxis Center for iPhone. I was the first one in the queue at Pavilion as yesterday I heard got people able to get it, so I decided to try. Stand at there for 30 mins before the door open at 10AM. But sadly they said no stock and not sure will have for today. Due to Pavilion is near to KLCC therefore also went for a try. KLCC seem like keeping the stock for the upcoming roadshow so end up no luck.

Then decided to give a last try at TTDI, went but also same result. I was with my sister and she need to get something at PJ, so while waiting inside the car I check my twitter see Maxis got post and info or not. Then I also checkout LowYat Forum and I saw this ‘TTDI got ready stock’. As I was still st PJ, so quickly I go to TTDI Maxis Center again. Finally…. we able to get it, we put our name in the list and they confirmed can get by today.

Thump up for Maxis Center at TTDI. They way they manage the walk-in customer for iPhone 4 is really good. The staffs at there are also nice and help us to settle everything while waiting to be called. All are friendly and nice. Finish everything around 2PM, so today is my iPhone Treasure Hunt day. 9AM – 2PM, driving to Pavilion then KLCC then TTDI (1st attempt) and lastly TTDI again.

Finally 4.


Socially – Mobile Client for Social Networking

Well I seldom introduce application for mobile phone, but today I found a good application for Symbian and now also support Android. The application called Socially. Socially is an application that enabled you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also Foursquare. The picture that I posted is the home screen for Socially. You able to view all the latest news and updates from the homescreen. For more details you can go into each tab.

In Socially, the Facebook integration is much better than the official for the Symbian. At least I feel this is much faster in term of loading. Check out some screenshot at below. Latest Socially support Facebook Photo Sync.

I also tested the Twitter and Foursquare. But I still prefer Gravity than this, maybe I’m too used to it. Therefore I’m only using Socially for Facebook.

The best thing is this application is free to download for Symbian and Android. Check out the official website for more details.

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iPhone 4

This is it! The new iPhone 4.

  • Dimension: 4.5″ height x 2.31″ width x 0.37 depth, 137g weight
  • Capacity: 16GB or 32GB flash drive
  • Display: Retina 3.5″ multi-touch display, 960×640 pixels, 326ppi, 800:1 contrast
  • Cellular: UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz), GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • Wireless: 802.11b/g/n (802.11n 2.4GHz only)
  • Camera: 5MP, LED flash, Video recording HD 720p/30fps, Photo and video geotagging
  • Sensors: Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor
  • Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR wireless
  • Location: Assisted GPS, Digital Compress, Wi-Fi, Cellular
  • Power: Talk time up to 7 hours on 3G, 14 hours on 2G, Standby up to 300 hours
    Internet use up to 6 hours on 3G, 10 hours on Wi-Fi
    Video playback up to 10 hours, Audio playback up to 40 hours

Check it out more at iPhone 4 will release on 24 June but only can have this in September for Malaysia.

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This is it, iPhone 4G?

On weekend the next iPhone picture is leaked out. A lot of rumor claimed that is not real. Then followed by a rumor said that it is a Japanese phone to counter iPhone. But this morning another evidence claimed by Engadget as they refer back to the iPad leaked picture, there found the iPhone as in picture is in the iPad leaked picture. With all the rumors and now Gizmodo claimed this phone is the next iPhone. The picture as above is the phone where the found it with a camouflage case. It actually looks like iPhone 3GS if you don’t notice there is a front camera.

This is it, next iPhone?

Side by side with iPhone 3GS

Well do you like it? This is really hard to be fake. But still, it not yet official no one know what will happen. This phone is just like a finished phone. So what new in the this phone that claimed as next iPhone.

  • Front Camera for video chat.
  • Improved back camera due to large lens compare to iPhone 3GS.
  • Camera flash.
  • Micro SIM (Just like iPad)
  • Improved display. (Unconfirm)
  • Split button for volume.
  • Power, mute, and volume buttons in metallic.

Check out more details and also video for this leaked next iPhone at Gizmodo.

This is real or not, we shall know it soon.

* All pictures and information taken from Gizmodo.

iPhone OS 4.0 revealed

(Pic taken from

This morning I stayed up at 1AM in order to check out the live updates for the Apple iPhone OS 4 Event. A sneak preview of what’s new in the new iPhone OS 4. Well everyone is waiting for this announcement.

First feature during the announcement, I think is every user wanted to have, Multitaking. Yes finally this feature is checked in iPhone OS 4. (Wishlist checked). During the event they did show how is the multitasking work. By just press the home button twice and it will trigger the multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen.

Another new feature is called as Folder, now user can group the apps in a folder. So user no need keep flipping the screen. Also announced is the feature where user able to change the homescreen wallpaper. Unified EMail, now you can have all in 1 mailbox for your email. iBook that featured in iPad now is port over to iPhone too. Enterprise, a feature more toward the data protection. Game Center, sort of like XBOX LIVE where you can have multiplayer for gaming. Lastly is the iAd which is pretty cool for mobile ads.

All this 7 new features is announced during the event and guess what, this is just 7 out of 100 over new feature in iPhone OS 4. So more to come….

The iPhone OS 4 developer beta kit is availabe now and the iPhone OS 4 will be available in Summer 2010. So I assume by then the next iPhone will announce too.

Now the OS is ready and just waiting for the next generation of iPhone, as they already check out the developer kit, found out the feature for front camera and LED Flash is in too. So I think is time for a change as most of my wishlist for iPhone already checked.

Check out the keynote video at here.

SoundMAGIC PL30 In-Earphone

My existing Sony Earphone (MDR-EX082) is spoilt as the left side don’t have sound. Probably it gets water or my sweat as I’m wearing it in my marathon.  I like my earphone a lot as it able to perform clear sound quality, too bad as this model is obsolete. Initially I planned to get back a Sony earphone but I unable to decide which model I should get due to I didn’t test it and my budget is within RM 150.

Personally I’m not a heavy bass listener eventhough I do listen to trance music. I prefer a clear sound quality with minimal bass. Most of the music that I prefer to listen are those orchestra and movie/game soundtrack, therefore a clear sound is my priority.

Today I browse through Low Yat Forum, a great place for me to get stuffs as I lazy go around to find. Found this SoundMagic, the price is reasonable as within my budget. Then I readup some of the review and seem not bad. Just within 4 hours, I get the Sound Magic PL30 that cost me RM 100. Luckily the seller is stay nearby my house therefore I can deal it within few hours time. I did test out the other model, Sound Magic PL50 and Sound Magic PL21 but due to one is too expensive and the other one the bass is too heavy therefore I decided to get this model, PL30.

Seriously once I try it out with some of my favourite music, this is the earphone that I want to get. Clear sound, bass is not too heavy, the sound quality is well balance. As I heard for those new earphone, you need to burn it which mean keep listen with different kind of music in order to make the earphone perform well. This usually takes around 40 hours. But now I already satisfy with the quality. Hope later after it finish burn, the quality will better.

For such price, this Sound Magic PL-30 is worth it. Don’t compare with those expensive and high quality earphone, even I myself also never experience it before. But now I feel this earphone really satisfy me. What you pay, what you get. If you’re interest you can check it out at here. The seller is patient and nice guy too as he let me test out the earphone.

iPhone OS 4.0 to be revealed on 8th April

Apple sent out invitation for the sneak preview of the next generation iPhone OS 4.0 event. One of the most awaited event that I’m waiting for as it will show what news in the new OS. The thing that I really want to know is the multi-tasking feature. Rumor said that multi-tasking already registered in iPhone OS 4.0. So still need to wait 3 more days before the official announcement.

Here are the rumor feature for the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0.

  • New multi-touch gesture support
  • Multitasking
  • A new user interface refresh

All this will be confirm on 8th April 2010 10:00 AM Pacific Time, which mean is Friday 1AM at local time.